College football season is here, and boy is it a great time of year. Sure, the games are a great time to watch, but we all know watching them obliterated is way more fun. How do you go about getting obliterated you ask? The tailgate of course. The tailgate of a football game is pretty much the best part of the entire day, so you want to make sure you do it right. Also, might as well have a blast smashing your own drinks rather than draining your wallet inside the stadium on those terrible beers. We have the perfect guide on how to effectively get lubed up before the big game.


Probably one of the most common tailgate drinks is beer. You know you will be crushing a lot of beers with your friends, so be smart about it. Save money on buying a keg instead of a bunch of 30 racks, and kegstand the day away. Make sure you pack solo cups, and the 156 beers that a keg holds should be more than enough to get everyone rowdy.

Beer Bong

TailgateDrinking for a tailgate is supposed to be fun, and beer bongs are exactly that. This is a great item to have especially since in tailgates, a lot of people walk around from site to site. How better than to offer a beer to a newcomer than by chugging it as fast as humanly possible? Once one person slams a beer using a beer bong, get ready for the wave of people wanting to be up next. Also, check out the beer bongs with multiple funnels. This gets everyone involved and good and drunk.

Jello Shots

TailgateA staple of tailgates for years, jello shots are a must. Although they take a bit more preparation than the other items on this list, they are worth it. Gather the materials during the week, and whip them up the night before the game and stick them in your fridge to get ready. Whatever number you think is enough to make for everyone, double it. Jello shots go real quick once they get broken out a tailgate, and everyone is going to want to crush a couple. Not only that, but these are a great way to meet friends at the tailgate. Walk around with some and offer them to other people and see how quickly people want to sit with you in the student section, screaming obscenities at the opposing team.

Jungle Juice

For all of those people that don’t like beer, the jungle juice is the way to go. Make a big jug of it and get ready to get wild. Just be careful with jungle juice because a tailgate can last a while, and you don’t want to be passed out before the game even starts. Take this a bit slower, and know that it’s going to hit you harder than the hits on the field.

Novelty Shots

TailgateThese are fun because you don’t typically do them other places than a tailgate. Bring a bottle of chocolate syrup along with some peppermint schnapps and you’re ready to roll. Pour the shot and the chocolate syrup into a friend’s mouth simultaneously and watch their face of pure bliss. There are plenty of other novelty shots just like this one, so get creative with the flavors. Everyone can pass them around and go nuts.