With Summer coming full throttle, the beaches and pools await our arrival. And so, to get ready, check out the new waterproof devices and doodads available for your phones, cameras and other electronic devices. 


Waterproof Smart Phone Case

The waterproof smart phone is not yet available on the market, but no worries, they will be snuggled in your pocket or purse soon. Panasonic is already in the works developing one that will cost about $500. Here's a link to the actual story:  USAToday 

But in the meanwhile, we can get ourselves a waterproof phone case for much less than $500 big ones. The one that particularly caught my eye was the sleek and smooth Aqua Box brand hard case that even comes with a wrist attachment.



Waterproof headphones & MP3 Player/iPod Pouch

H2O audio has created waterproof headphones so when you're surfing and you need some tunes to pump up your adrenaline – you got that instant boost at your disposal. Also, take a look at the waterproof iPod or MP3 pouch.



Water Shoe

The ocean floor can sometimes be a rugged place. Water shoes not only protect your feet from jagged rocks but it helps to keep your feet comfortable when walking on the hot pavement or asphalt. Also, they double as fins. try them on as you swim – you'll notice a big difference.




Waterproof Pouch

A waterproof pouch can come in handy, especially if you're planning on enjoying ocean. They are very affordable (about $5) and very useful for when you're not trying to deal with wet money.




Waterproof iPhone case

The iPhone has become almost like a new member of the family. And so, you must protect it with your life! A waterproof iPhone case may be just the thing from keeping your baby from harms way.




Waterproof Passport Case

If you are going out of the country and planning on a beach vacation, a waterproof passport case may come in handy.



Waterproof ID Holder

Even though your ID is more than likely laminated, you can give it some added security by putting it in a waterproof ID holder so that for sure, you know exactly where it is.