Quick run-down! Here’s a packing list of things you don’t want to forget before you head out the door and into the world of Spring Break.

  1. Toothbrush? Might need that, or not. Some hotels will have a complimentary toothbrush for you if you need one.
  2. Socks: Grab’em. A lot of ’em. Better to have too many socks than not enough.
  3. Bikinis: Girls, three bikinis is usually the recommended amount. One for the morning, afternoon and nightclub.
  4. Swimming Trunks: Guys, bring a few pair just in case. You never know when a rip tide will suck you into the ocean, strip you of your shorts, and if anyone saw the whole thing, strip you of your pride as well. And yes, the water is cold.
  5. Spring Break Club ClothesClub Clothes: Bring extra club clothes. It doesn’t matter how fresh and fitted you look in your clothes, if they smell like last night’s sweaty underarm, you failed.
  6. Belt: Just imagine experiencing a week of Spring Break with no belt. How annoyed would you feel pulling up your pants in front of everyone every 5 minutes for an entire week? Oh, did I forget to mention that there will be hot girls and guys there? Yeah, bring a belt.
  7. Strap-less Bra: If you want to flaunt them, do it right, and look good doing it.
  8. Sandals/Shoes/Club Shoes: You might need all three or maybe just club shoes and sandals. Girls, pack a high heel that is a neutral color, a color that can match any outfit.
  9. Condoms/Birth Control: It’s Spring Break, you’re getting laid.
  10. Hair Products: Save a few bucks and bring your own.
  11. Beach Bag/Large Tote Bag: To carry your beach stuff.
  12. Mosquito Repellant: A body covered in mosquito bites is not too sexy.
  13. Snacks: Add to the packing list cups of noodles, nutrition bars, or a type of snack to put in your hotel room in case you get hungry late night after the club.
  14. Passport: If you’re going to Mexico or anywhere out of the states, you might need it.
  15. Vitamins: Vitamin B, Vitamin C, just a little pack of vitamins will take care of that hangover
  16. Bottled Waters: Store them in the hotel room, carry one or two on you. You can never have too much water.
  17. Sunscreen: Protect that beautiful skin of yours.
  18. Underwater CameraSuntan Lotion: If you’re into Spring Break tanning, bring it.
  19. Aloe Vera: If you happen to burn yourself by tanning or something else, a bottle of Aloe Vera will work miracles. So, add it to the packing list.
  20. Camera/Underwater Camera: Capture your entire trip with a click of a button.
  21. Sun Shades: Protect your eyes and look good doing it.