Halloween 2014Halloween is right around the corner, and the time to start getting amped up is now. Finalize your amazing costumes, start stocking up on booze, and figuring out where you are going to celebrate are key steps to a great Halloween weekend. If you decide to host a Halloween bash, you definitely need to step your game up. This weekend is one of the craziest party weekends of the year, and you need to be on top of it. People look forward to Halloween weekend like they look forward to New Year’s Eve, and Homecoming weekend. The excitement builds, so don’t be that schmuck that blows it. Here are 4 essential parts to your Halloween party that you need in order to make sure it is epic.


Halloween CostumesThis one is a no brainer. Any epic Halloween party must have costumes abound. If you’re friends are too lame to dress up, then they are too lame to rage at your party. It’s one weekend a year, and if they think they are too cool for a costume, tell them to hit the road. If you want those amazing Facebook pictures flowing, then everyone needs to be all-out dressed for the spooky holiday. Whether it is bunny ears, a Superman costume, or dressing like a hobo, people need to come ready to celebrate in style. Plus, everyone knows that girls love to dress on Halloween like they never otherwise would, take advantage of this phenomenon!


Don’t be a bum, decorate your place for Halloween because it keeps people in the spirit. Nothing is worse than heading to a theme party, but the theme is missing. Even if it is just a few shoddy cobwebs, or some orange and black tape, it will help. Toss some pumpkins around and you are really cooking. No matter what some people may say, decorations will surely get people in the mood for Halloween, and liven up the party a bit. Maybe throw up some black lights for a spookier effect, and let the fun times fly. Decorations are a key part of a great party, so certainly don’t skip out.

Community drink

Halloween PunchThis may seem a bit out of place, because of all the scumbags out there that might try to spike a drink, but having a massive jug of booze is awesome especially for Halloween parties. Mix up a rum punch concoction, assign a few people to keep watch over it throughout the night, and let the raging begin. Make sure you have plenty of cups for the partiers to keep refilling. If you don’t want to go with the punch idea, a couple of kegs always does the trick. You need people to supply the party, but you also need to supply the people with the holiday fun juice!

Halloween songs

Now, we are not saying your entire playlist should be filled with Halloween songs, but tossing in a few won’t hurt. Classics like “Ghostbusters”, “Monster Mash”, “The Adams Family”, and “Thriller” should certainly be on there. People love this stuff, and if you don’t listen people will absolutely be requesting them. Space them out in between the other dance songs, so people can go nuts. You will notice as the party wears on, and people become inebriated, they will get rowdier when these songs queue up.