Halloween weekend is by far one of the top party weekends of the year, and most cities get something brewing for the citizens to get a bit crazy. Whether you’re looking for barely-there costumes, huge bashes, the spooky feel, or great drinks, there is something for everyone. These four cities show the rest of the country how Halloween should be done!

Las Vegas

Halloween CitiesIn a city that many people already visit to be somebody else, it is only fitting that Halloween in Vegas is over the top. There are countless parties every single weekend as it is, now you can only imagine what Halloween weekend brings. The costumes that the women try to pass off as clothes are unbelievable, and this is definitely not a kid-friendly place. Endless amounts of skin, booze, and hookups with sexy cops, nurses, and bunnies await everyone. If you want the true party feel for Halloween, head to Las Vegas, and you surely won’t be disappointed.

New York City

You know the big city goes all out for Halloween. Heading to New York City any time of the year, you know you’re in for quite the bash, and adding in Halloween is only going to elevate it. With so many people from different backgrounds, you will get quite the variety of costumes. Not to mention there is something for literally everyone to do in New York City, so you won’t be disappointed. Just be prepared to bring your wallet, because as everyone knows, New York City can get pricy. It is worth it though, for the chance to party in the greatest city in the world, on one of the funnest days of the year.

Salem, Mass

Salem, MassA lot of people consider this the face of Halloween. The party lasts pretty much the entire month of October, and this city will definitely get you in the right spirit. 14 women and 5 men were hanged back in the day for being considered witches, and this drove the Halloween shenanigans to the max. Now, the entire town gets in the spirit. With a 6.66 mile race, re-enactments, more ghost tours and haunted houses than you ever need, and even fireworks, you can’t go wrong. This town has full-year actors that play up the Halloween bit even in the off season, so you know they take their pride seriously. Toss in the beer gardens and every bar throwing parties seemingly every weekend, Halloween in Salem, Mass is something worth checking out if you’re into the true spooky feeling.

New Orleans

New Orleans HalloweenDoes anyone ever head to New Orleans without the intention of partying? The answer is probably no. New Orleans is a hotbed for boozing, hooking up, and going all out for every hour that you spend in the city. Halloween is the exact same scenario. Smash those two monstrosities together and you have a heck of a weekend. In fact, New Orleans is such a raging city, they need more than one bash. 4 days of booze make up this festival if you will, and it doesn’t disappoint. The entire city gets involved, and it grows every year. There is a huge concert festival that draws over 100,000 people, and includes big name headliners. The city of New Orleans already has a great vibe, so Halloween just enhances it.