When you travel, you expect to spend a bit of money. Between transportation, food and drinks, and spending money on activities, the money can certainly add up quick. There are unnecessary expenses though, and it is common for a traveler to get unknowingly ripped off. Here are 6 ways a traveler can get ripped off:

All that Excess Baggage

https://theogsb.com/People tend to over pack, especially the female side of things. This mistake can crush you at an airport with excess baggage fees. Do you really need that 6th pair of heels? A tip to keep in mind is if you are staying at the same hotel for an extended period of time, most hotels offer a laundry service that will be cheaper than paying excess bag fees.

Airline Clubs

Sure the free wifi, peace and quiet, and a few free beers might sound great, but it all comes at a price. Unless you’re a high-roller or have a free pass, skip throwing down the cash at one of these lounges at the airport. It is going to cost you a pretty penny just to get away from the rest of the herd at the airport, and it may not really be worth it.

NYC Hotels

https://theogsb.com/New York City is known as being an expensive place, and that holds true for hotels. During peak season rooms can hit $400-$600 a night, and for a room the size of a closet. Make sure to read real guest reviews before booking, because in New York City, if you want to be able to move around in your room you’re going to want to do the research.

Eating Like A Tourist

Obviously if you’re in a different country you want to stay away from fast food and indulge in the local taste. Try to avoid going where the hotel concierge tells you to because usually it is a place right down the street with over-inflated prices for average food with a packed crowd. Ask the locals such as your taxi driver, or your waiter where they like to eat. You will be surprised at the good eats people will steer you to for cheap prices.

Booze Tax

Different countries have different alcohol taxes, so make sure you do your research. You can get ripped off at a restaurant on a drink because the tax is so high. Why pay 15 bucks for an average drink when you can do things like bringing your own booze and keeping it in your hotel refrigerator? If you need to get hammered, rip some shots in your hotel room before you head out or else you will be extremely overpaying at the local restaurant.

“Minimum Fees” At Restaurants And Clubs

The bill comes at the end of the night and you see you were charged for mineral water, bread, or entrance into the club, which you thought was usually free. Many countries, especially in Europe, charge minimum fees on items that you’re not used to, and they won’t tell you. You have to find out on your own. Avoid being ripped off by asking up front, or asking people that have been there before. Nothing worse than having a great night and have a damper put on it because you got charged and extra $30 for bread you didn’t even want.