Meet everyone

This may seem like common sense, but be friendly and meet everyone. This can come down to a numbers game, and your Spring Break trip will certainly have thousands of people just like you looking for the same things. This means raging all day and night, hooking up, and being social. Being extremely friendly, and putting yourself in multiple groups of people will show others that you’re a fun person, and people love to party with fun people. The more people you meet, the more connections you make. If you play your cards right, you could be slaying a new person each day of Spring Break. Meet as many people as possible.

Hit the biggest parties

Spring Break Sex

On Spring Break, especially the more popular destinations, there are an overwhelming amount of parties to choose which to go to. If you’re looking to get laid, you are going to want to hit the biggest parties. This might mean the one’s where the big artists are performing, the beaches where the everybody hangs during the day, or the big weekly booze cruise that happens. Again, getting laid on Spring Break comes down to a numbers game, and the biggest parties typically carry more people, and these people all want to go all out. Rage hard, and the bedroom fun will follow on Spring Break.

Don’t nap

Yeah, you might be exhausted, hungover, and sick of drinking by the fourth day, but don’t nap. You have waited all year for this one week, so just muscle through the pain! Every second you waste napping in your room or on the beach is another potential opportunity to meet and charm your way into someone’s pants. Get your sleep at the end of the night, and sleep late if need be. The big day parties don’t really get raging till noon or one o’clock, so waste your nap time before that.

Be fun

Spring Break Sex

Again, this might seem like common sense when trying to get laid, but you’d be surprised at how many people actually forget this. Being fun is key to most people liking you, especially on Spring Break. People don’t care about your grades, what job you have, what your major is, and where you are from. They want you to be hot, fun, and willing to let them ride you if you have both. Being fun goes a long way, and people notice. You might run into someone at the club at night that noticed you doing body shots at the pool bar earlier, or entering the dance contest. This is a conversation piece, and they already know you’re a blast to be around, and that they need to hang on for the ride.

Don’t chase just one

This can be hard to understand while you’re on Spring Break, because sometimes there is just one guy or girl you meet early in the week that you can’t get over. Maybe they were unreal hot, or cool, and a connection happened. That is great and all if you’re looking to continue a relationship after Spring Break with someone that might live on the other side of the country from you, but if you’re just looking to get laid throughout the week, forget about it. Don’t waste your time just chasing one person all week, with the hopes you’ll get to smash by the end of the week. What happens if they don’t let you, and you go home empty handed? Think about all the opportunities you missed, especially the one’s we already mentioned. Don’t chase, just go out and crush randoms.