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The Fourth of July is the best weekend in summer, and some people look forward to it all year. Between the summer weather, the long weekend, the American pride, and the parties, there is plenty of reason to get a bit excited. It seems that almost anywhere you head for the Fourth is going to be fun, especially if there is water nearby. Most cities have some kind of celebration, so you’re in for plenty of choices of where to rage. Lake Havasu in Arizona is no exception. Typically known as a Spring Break party spot, Lake Havasu throws down hard for the Fourth of July as well. Here are 5 reasons to head to Lake Havasu for the Fourth.

The weather

Sure, 110 degrees is a bit warm, but that only means less clothing for all. The sun is hot, but you’re on a boat, in the middle of a huge lake. Enjoy it. Time to get that super tan you have been thinking about all summer, and get ready to want to move here because of this weather. Arizona is known for being one of the sunniest places out there, so chances are pretty good that the weather throughout the weekend is going to be unreal. Not to mention that even though the sun goes down at night, the weather stays warm so it’s not like clothes are being put on.

The girls

What can we say. The girls that head to Lake Havasu are insanely hot. Not only that, they are down to party, HARD. The Arizona sun brings the tan bodies in bikinis, and the Fourth of July brings the hard partying crowd. Combine these forces, and we will just let the pictures do the justice. Think of this, every single place you look throughout Lake Havasu.

The party

Lake HavasuIf you’re looking for a relaxing Fourth, then you better head somewhere else. Lake Havasu is known as an intense party spot, and this only escalates on the Fourth of July. Think of slamming beers all day surrounded by tons of awesome boats, and beautiful people in bathing suits. That’s what this place is. It’s basically a fantasy party land. People here are also very friendly, so if for some awful reason you run out of booze, yell on over to the nearest boat and they will most likely toss you a few beers to keep the party going.

The boats

Lake HavasuNot much screams Fourth of July like being on the water, and how better to do that than on a boat. Lake Havasu is the place to be with a boat. Sure, you can party here without a boat, and there are plenty of bars and hotels to do so, but you will quickly find out that having a boat here is king. Don’t have your own? No problem, there are a plethora of places throughout the lake to rent boats, and it’s well worth it. It seems that anything goes aboard these boats, and literally hundreds of them congregate to rage.

The lack of rules

When you think of partying with no rules, usually Las Vegas comes to mind, and rightfully so. Lake Havasu will remind you of Vegas a bit in that aspect. Whether it’s the drinking in public, the nearly naked women left and right, and the all day and night raging, the lack of rules being enforced here is great. Everyone is here to have a good time for the weekend on the Fourth, and it seems that the police force is more focused on just monitoring it for any big time crime activity. Bare chests, slamming booze, and bumping music 24 hours is allowed plenty.Lake Havasu