Lake Havasu in Arizona is one of the hottest Spring Break destinations on the west coast. Why? Because this enormous lake plays host to thousands of college students every Spring, that have only a few things in mind: To get rocked beyond belief, go to huge parties by the lake, meet other hot students, and get the heck away from their college for a week. The lake heats up at night, but the daytime is where most of the action is at.

Bridgewater Channel

Bridgewater Channel Lake Havasu Spring BreakThe number one thing everyone must do in Lake Havasu is visit the Bridgewater Channel. You will find half million dollar boats, beer bongs, hot women with pretty much nothing on, hot bodied guys for the girls and an unreal party for a half mile stretch from the London Bridge to Rotary Park. The water is warm and the people are looking for a good time. Perfect way to spend your day.

Sandbar Havasu

Lake Havasu SandbarSandbar Havasu is why people come to Lake Havasu for Spring Break. This is where all the boats congregate, people get naked, and the party literally rocks from sunrise until sunset. Be warned that if you end up in the middle of the sandbar, you won’t leave until the party is over because it gets to crazy and packed. But hey, that’s not a bad thing right? Everyone spends all day here getting blasted on booze, fun, music, and boats. This is the spot that Facebook will be flagging countless photos for indecent images!


Lake Havasu Spring Break NightlifeIn Lake Havasu, as soon as the sun sets, the  party heats up. One of the most popular bars to get sloshed at is Kokomo. All you have to say is that one word, and everyone knows what you are talking about. You can dance the night away against the sweaty body of that hot piece you eyed out on the boats earlier, because just about everyone heads here. Martini Bay is another hot one, that you are sure to meet plenty of people ready to get down and dirty, if you know what we mean. You can also stuff your drunk face at Martini Bay with delicious eats that will fill you up.


Now the big thing people need to figure out when planning a trip to Lake Havasu is where they are going to face-plant at the end of the night. There are plenty of great options, from the Nautical Inn Resort where you can park your boat in the water right outside your room, to the London Bride Resort, which is the mecca for Lake Havasu Spring Break. There are plenty of other options as well.