Can you believe it? Spring Break 2015 is only 2 months away! We told you months ago that the time would fly by and what do you know, it absolutely did. Oh, what’s that? You still haven’t booked your Spring Break 2015 trip yet? Well first of all, huge mistake. Chances are you missed out on some great deals. But never fear, last minute bookings can still happen, and you still have time to plan the perfect Spring Break. With plenty of destinations to choose from available, it may seem overwhelming, especially with some of the bigger hotels at the destinations sold out. There is one place though that can handle your last minute craziness that you desire, and that’s Cancun, Mexico. That’s right, this place is the one you want to head to if you have gotten lazy and waited until 2015 to book your trip and here’s why.

Cancun Spring Break

Big enough for everyone

Cancun HotelThere are more hotels here that cater to Spring Break than just about anywhere. This means they can always fit more people. You grew up watching MTV Spring Break in Cancun with the loads of people, and this year will be no different. Cancun is known for being the most packed international Spring Break destination, and rightfully so. With the hundreds of bars and clubs, miles of beaches, and more hotels than you can count there is room for anyone and everyone.

Plenty of people are in the same boat

You think you are the only lazy person that is waiting until the last minute to book your trip? Think again! After you book your last minute trip, and are walking down the Cancun beach, ask people when they booked theirs. Don’t be surprised if some even tell you they did the week before. Many people don’t know where to head for Spring Break, and Cancun is always in the back of their minds. That little whisper you hear telling you to book the trip with the all-inclusive Mexican Spring Break with more drinks to pound than you can possibly handle? Yup, listen to it, the sands of Cancun are calling you, with plenty of smokeshows included.

You won’t regret the fun

Cancun is undoubtedly one of the funnest Spring Break destinations available. People head to Cancun to get hammered for a week, sleep with a ton of people they just met, get tan on the beach, and generally make sure their parents would never want to catch a glimpse of anything they are doing. It is guaranteed that you will look back throughout your life and wish you could go back to that week in Cancun. There is something fun going on literally 24 hours a day, and everyone hypes themselves up for Cancun so everyone is in a great mood the entire week. Sure, you can have fun at other destinations, but booking a last minute trip to Cancun will be the best decision of your life.

Best last minute deals around

Last Minute DealMaybe you waited so long to book your trip because you didn’t have the money. No worries, as we mentioned, Cancun is one of the biggest destinations for Spring Break. Because of this, and the abundance of rooms that hotels set aside for Spring Break, chances are you can score a pretty sweet last minute deal. Also, you just may luck out on airfare, as airlines do the same thing. This way, you can round up all of your cheap friends that wouldn’t throw down on a room when you wanted to book it back in September. They have no excuses now!