Chances are, if you’re smart, you have already booked you Spring Break 2015 trip. It is less than a month and a half away, and your brain is probably mush when it comes to thinking about school. All you want to do is slaughter alcohol in the sun, while staring at hot bodies in bathing suits. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this thought process, just as you’re not alone in the worries about how much money you are about to blow on this trip. Sure, every penny is absolutely worth it, and in the grand scheme of things isn’t a big deal, but there are certainly areas where you can afford to save a few bucks, and put it toward other aspects of your vacation. If you haven’t fully booked your trip yet, use these quick tips to put a bit of extra coin in your pocket.

Spring Break Savings

Avoid flying non-stop

Flying non-stop is great when you are excited to be on your way for Spring Break, but adding in one layover on your trip can save you upwards of $100. This holds especially true with the longer distance flights. Think of all the extra two dollar drinks on the beach you can buy with those savings just by adding an extra hour to your flight. Not a bad trade-off at all. Obviously the more stops in your flight you add, the cheaper it gets. We recommend no more than two stops though, because those airplane and airport beers add up quick, and nobody needs a blackout friend puking on them on the fifth leg of a flight.

Shorten your stay

Spring Break SavingsSure, a seven day binge at an oasis by the ocean is what you need, but the reality is the fact that lasting seven days is brutal. It becomes a marathon at that point, and is almost unnecessary. If you’re worried at all about this, you can save a few bucks make making your trip five days instead of seven. Look into leaving on the Tuesday of your Spring Break instead of the Saturday or Sunday, and there is a good chance you will see the airfare prices and hotel prices dip. It may not seem like much, but two nights less at a hotel on Spring Break can save you a lot of money, and allow you to rage that much harder once you are there.

Less popular destinations

Spring Break SavingsYes the popular destinations are popular for a reason. More people head there and generally the artists that perform and the parties are a bit bigger. Let’s be realistic though, if you are heading on Spring Break with you and your friends, it honestly doesn’t matter where you are, you are going to have a blast. We aren’t saying head to Idaho for Spring Break because it will be cheap, but deviate from the major cities just a bit. For instance, Fort Lauderdale in Florida is just 25 miles from Miami. It is by no means a quiet Spring Break destination, but it is a bit cheaper than spending a week in Miami. In southern California alone, there are plenty of cities close to each other that offer more than enough fun to be had for a week. Generally flights and hotel room rates are going to be a bit cheaper at these places than the mega-destinations.