Sure, Spring Break is all about partying and soaking up the sun all day, and throttling drinks at night, but a part of it that is important is where you faceplant at the end of the night. Every good vacation needs a home base, which is where your hotel comes into play. What if it is mid-day at the pool party and you want to sneak away with that hottie that you just let rip a tequila shot off their stomach? Although you may not need the nicest rooms in the world because you don’t spend much time in them, the hotel as a whole makes a big difference on your Spring Break experience. South Padre Island has some great hotels for you to stay in, and these are three of the top choices:

The Inn at South Padre:

A tropically landscaped pool encompasses this awesome resort that is within walking distance of the bay, restaurants, the beach, and of course the most crucial part, the restaurants! With a centralized location right across the street from the beach, the day parties that happen at this inn are insane. With every room typically packed with like-minded beer sluggers, this is a great and affordable option.

Isla Grand Beach Resort:


Host to an amazing electronic and sound stage display in order to host the biggest pool party in South Padre Island, this resort keeps the party going. The rates are affordable even for the biggest Spring Break penny pincher, so don’t worry about money here. Also included in your stay is free entry into Louie’s Backyard, which is the most popular bar in South Padre Island for Spring Break, attracting thousands of party animals every year. This resort is right in the thick of things, so make sure to check it out if you want a heck of a party.

Saida Royale Towers:


If you are looking for the best and biggest non-stop Spring Break party action, these towers are where you want to stay. With four hot tubs and three pools, including a pool bar, the wet action goes on all day, and there is plenty of space to do so. These condo-style rooms sleep a ton of people, so if you have those extra guests over for a night after a wild streak, no problem. Seconds away from Coca-Cola Beach, which is where all the day parties happen, this hotel is the spot to be if you like to be close to all the action.