This is it. Our masterpiece. Brooklyn’s largest warehouse event of Summer 2012. We've built so much into this event, we’re not even sure where to begin… So how about we start off with the line-up, and let that speak for itself. 

Conspirator (members of The Disco Biscuits)
FreQ Nasty
Two Fresh
Golden Lips of Silence (David Satori of Beats Antique)
Nigel Richards
Reality Engine
King Britt
Joro Boro
Dirty Finger
Barney Iller
DJ Joy

Follow the Unicorn. He hasn’t steered you wrong yet, not when you joined that troupe of renegade circus performers, or opted for tea-time, Oompah Loompah style. This time, he’s asking you to look up. Easy enough. You do as you’re told — you see nothing but sky. You ask, "What's the deal, Unicorn? Are you getting…?" Unicorn facepalms you with one hoof. Then you wake up, bound and gagged on the roof. (Don’t argue, that’s just how Magical Beasts tend to roll.) The next thing you know, you’re prancing the sky, and try as you might, you can’t help but feel…like a bit of a dumbass, maybe? What are you, still watching My Little Pony or something? (Wait…wait…yeah, okay, me too….I mean, only sometimes. *scratches head*.) And then you’re there! Hallelujah! You were starting to question all sorts of gender-normative constructs to which you’d previously and unknowingly subscribed! (Which, really, everyone should probably consider unsubscribing from at least once, just sayin’. Unicorns included. )

Wait. Where are you? Aaah, yes. You’re home. Unicorn brought you home, to The Bubble Kingdom, where it all began. You step off your faithful steed (who will, by the by, light you on fire if you actually call him that), and are greeted by the Kingdom’s finest street musicians. They serenade your arrival with some smooth, panty-dropping jazz. (Yeah, I went there. “Jazz, the original dropper of ladies undergarments everywhere.” WHAT.) You walk through luminous cloud bubbles and wander from one blow-out-your-eardrums stage to another. You ooh, and aah at the aerialist, like in the days of yore, as only the most skillful of neon-badonkadonked performers and dancers entertain at this court. Unicorn nudges you past the art, gentle at first. Then he blows his nose your ear — a friendly reminder to get him juiced up at the nearby black light waterfall. After that, of course, you mustn't forget the den of cushiony goodness downstairs: hookah, pillows, mingling. The good life of the kingdom.

Aren’t you glad you looked up (…slash let him assault you)?

– Black light reactive waterfall on the dance floor, a select group of fortunate individuals will have the luxury of swimming in.

– Large-scale art installations by renowned artists.

– 100,000 black light reactive bubbles. No less. 

– LED screens. Massive projection mapped stages.

– Choreographed Performances making using of fire, air, ground and bubbles.

– An eclectic collection of Unicorn Meat’s favorite NYC street performing musicians.

– Live Jazz.

-Holograms that float in the air above the dance floor.

– Multiple relaxing lounge areas.

– Music and new holographic, visual performance by Reality Engine.