A Decadent Three Deck Boat Cruising the Long Beach Harbor with the best boogie beats, breaks, bass, funk, house and trance. Set to get that booty bounce on!

Ballroom Deck
9p-10p-Shakti Bliss-Cruz Coalition (http://soundcloud.com/lounge-de-amour/lounge-de-amour-volume-1
10p-11p-Knowa Knowone-Street Ritual-(http://soundcloud.com/knowa)
12p-1a-Pumpkin-Pocket Underground-(http://soundcloud.com/pumpkin)
1a-2a-Smokey and the Bandit-Geno Cochino & Paul Swytch (http://soundcloud.com/smokey-bandit-bass)

Top Deck
9p-10p- A.M. Gray
10p-11p-Marcos-Space Island-(http://soundcloud.com/pollos-playhouse)
11p-12a-DJ Jefex-Space Island-(http://soundcloud.com/dj-jefex)
12a-1a Lisa Umbiquiotus
1a-2a-Amanda Darling-(http://soundcloud.com/amandadarling)

Sound provided by the Ohm Guru Turbo SOUND!!

The Beckys have put Together a Fancy Feast of Inspiration, Terror and Excitement!

Anah Hoop Revolution is going to spin her charms for us… http://www.hooprevolution.com/

Britt Moore will be performing a sexy samba piece

Celebrating Samantha Ceora, Gypsy Rose and Xavier Cross' Birthdays!
Brought to you in honor of all that you are!

Do you need a deeper insight into your past present or future?
There will be a gypsy mystique tent with the talented and intuitive Gabrielle Singer at your service!

Benefiting the Non-Profit; Aids Life Cycle