With Spring Break coming up in a little over a month, we will be featuring a different destination every week, giving you the low-down on where to party, where to be seen, and what to do. It’s Las Vegas week here at The Official Guide To Spring Break, and that means we are featuring Sin City for the week, and showing you the hot spots that you need to check out. First up, we have the nightlife.

The Bank:

the_bankThis is a longstanding tradition for partiers and Spring Breakers alike. The Bank inside the luxurious Bellagio Hotel and Casino just makes you feel like money. Whether it is a top DJ, or a smash hit artist performing, The Bank is a place to see some big names, arrive in style. For a night of luxury, spend a night of Spring Break here.

1 Oak:

Located in The Mirage, 1 Oak brings a sense of New York City to this desert city, and Spring Breakers with a fashion sense are going to want to check this place out. Feeling like a celebrity at this classy place is the perfect way to spend your night after day raging at so many of the pools with your fellow Spring Break enthusiasts. Who doesn’t want to get all dressed up with their new tan?

Spearmint Rhino:

Spearmintlv-2Now, typical Spring Break nightlife includes partying till all hours of the night at the bars and clubs, and also the sexual fun. How better to celebrate this by hitting up one of the nicest, and notorious strip clubs in Vegas? The Spearmint Rhino is basically a night club, with naked girls dancing around. This place is night, and guys and girls alike can enjoy the atmosphere, as it is not grungy. Plus, the sexual tension going on in this place will only increase your odds of getting lucky. Open 24 hours a day, you can take your party here any time, and even eat good food with a full service kitchen. Called the number 1 gentleman’s club in the world, this place is a must see for Spring Breakers to get everything they came on Spring Break for, in one building.

Dive Bars and Casinos:

Now, maybe the crazy nightclub scene is not what you are looking for, or a strip club isn’t your cup of tea. That’s the beauty of Vegas, if you are over 21, you can literally have whatever you want. Spend the night gambling at the countless casinos, that offer free drinks while you gamble. Easy way to get bombed and save drinking money. Also, there are less upscale nightclubs and bars, if you want to pound some cheap beers without having blaring music punishing your eardrums. There will still be plenty of Spring Breakers like yourself that don’t want the nightclub scene, so no matter where you go after a day in the sun, you will be sure to have enough to do!