Thanksgiving is next week, and you probably have a few days off so you are trying to decide if it’s worth leaving campus to head home. Thanksgiving break is a weird one because it’s not long enough to hit a week-long vacation, but it’s long enough that just sitting on campus can get boring real quick. A lot of people stay on campus because they head home for Winter break in just a few weeks, and the flights can add up. Not only that, but can you really handle listening to your annoying cousins for an entire weekend, then having to see them just a month later? If you aren’t heading home for Thanksgiving, but still want to get out of town, try hitting these awesome spots. They won’t break your bank, and people will be jealous of your social media feed.

San Diego

San Diego Spring BreakSouthern California is a great spot to travel to any time of the year, so why not make it during the holidays? Not only can you have Thanksgiving by the beach, but you are hitting a transplant city which means you can do more throughout the city with less hassle. A transplant city is a city where a lot of people that currently live there, are actually from somewhere else. This means that typically during these family holidays, a lot of the residents head out of town to their home towns to be with their families. This means that the city empties out a bit, allowing you the tourist to see more with less people around, and you might be able to snag some discounts.


Anywhere in Florida is going to be great right around Thanksgiving time. Florida weather is perfect this time of year, so if you are from a particularly cold area of the country, this is probably the number one reason to head here. You have your choices of the fun cities like Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and so on. Each one has something to add, but either way being in a t-shirt on Thanksgiving instead of a coat is a perk on its own. Like San Diego, you may be able to get some good deals this weekend, because a lot of people are heading out of town.


cancunNoticing a common theme here? That’s right, you want to be in the nice weather on Thanksgiving. Nothing is better than crushing drinks in the sunshine while your friends on Facebook back home pout about the chilly weather. Cancun is a crazy time no matter when you go, and Thanksgiving is no different. What makes hitting Cancun during Thanksgiving even better is since it is an American holiday, not many people are thinking of rushing here right away. You will most likely find cheaper flights and hotel stays, and you can really take advantage of an all-inclusive resort. Not only this, but if you were trying to decide between multiple places for Spring Break and Cancun was one of those, you can hit it now, and get the other spot for Spring Break. Best of both worlds.