Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is next week in Las Vegas. If you are heading there, you need to read our survival guide of Dos and Don’ts!


Bring more water than you think you’ll need

We aren’t going to belabor this “Do”. You are at an enormous EDM music festival, in Las Vegas, slamming drinks and other activities, in the desert, in the middle of the summer. You get the point. You are going to be dehydrated, especially if you aren’t used to the weather. If you think you only need 2 big packages of water, buy three. You don’t want to be spending a fortune buying tons of water out, so be smart. You will thank us later.

Plan out the traffic

EDC TipsWith this many people all heading to the same spot, there is absolutely going to be a ton of traffic. You don’t want to waste your ticket by missing out on your favorite DJs, so make sure you plan for the traffic that is going to happen. If you have never been, mentally prepare yourself, and don’t freak out when you see the huge wait. Leave 30 minutes before you were thinking of leaving, to give yourself some wiggle room.

Buy club/pool party tickets in advance

Although you will be spending most of your time at the festival, some people like to mix it up by hitting one or two of the legendary Vegas pool parties and nightclubs. If this is you, definitely buy your tickets beforehand. Remember, this is EDC week in Las Vegas, it is going to be a zoo. These events will certainly sell out. Not only that, but the price at the door can be double than if you bought them prior. Each club has a website where you can see the schedule of who is playing, and you can buy tickets directly. Hit those up and save yourself some dough.

Sleep until AT LEAST 10:00am each day

We know that this festival is one where you want to rage 24/7, plus you’re in Vegas. Trust us when we say you will be needing a breather in order to make it through the marathon. We know that Sin City is a place that you can party at every hour of the day, but don’t for this trip. Plus, not much happens in Las Vegas before 10:00am. The pool parties don’t really get going until about 1pm anyways, so snooze until at least 10am, slam a few waters, hit the buffet, and pregame a little. You’ll need the energy.


Buy drugs from randoms outside the festival

We understand that this is an EDM festival in Las Vegas. We know that some recreational fun is going to be happening throughout. If you do choose to partake, just take our advice and don’t buy anything from the people hanging right outside the festival gates. You never know what you’re actually getting, and this can be extremely dangerous. Not only that, but you never know where an undercover cop is lurking, and you don’t want to ruin your trip because you’re in jail.

Try to go hard 24/7

EDC TipsGoing off of the “Do” up top, pace yourself. Don’t try to rage nonstop the entire time. This is EDC. When you are going hard, you are going HARD. We are talking harder than your average night in Vegas. If you try to do this the ENTIRE time you are there, you will severely regret it. You need a breather this time, so utilize it. Don’t try to be a hero.

Show up to the festival obliterated

We are all for you having a good time for this hell of an event, but don’t ruin it for yourself by showing up a mess. Too many times we have seen people show up to the start of it already blackout, and they end up remembering not a thing the entire time. You don’t want to waste all the money you spent to see your favorite artists because you went overboard. Plus, the police and EMTs take their jobs seriously, and you don’t want to be in the back of a cruiser by 8pm because you couldn’t handle yourself. There will be plenty of time to rage, so pace yourself. This is Las Vegas. This is the big boy playground.