New Year's Resolutions

New year, new you, right? Wrong! Every year it is the same old story. People ringing in the new year with all of these resolutions that almost never get followed through on. Its kind of getting out of hand. You see the posts all over Facebook and Instagram about all of these changes people are pledging to make, and let’s be serious, by Martin Luther King weekend, they are long forgotten. Not saying that some people don’t follow through with these resolutions, but if you find the need to post about your proposed change, chances are it isn’t going to happen. It’s the silent ones that change everything. So here we go, 4 reasons why New Year’s resolutions suck:

People are lazy

New Year's ResolutionsLet’s get real. This is 2015, laziness is king. Couches are comfier than ever, and television has some of the best shows of all time currently running. Even if the shows aren’t current, a little thing called Netflix will make sure your behind is plopped on the couch for hours. Oh, you were going to hit the gym? How about another pizza your can order from your smartphone? You were going to be nicer? Smiling at people uses more muscles than resting bi**ch face does. Work harder at your job? Na, the internet browsing can take care of that for you. No matter where you turn, laziness is one of the easiest traps to fall into, and why New Year’s resolutions are harder than ever.

A year is a long time

Sit down and actually think about how long a year is. Sure, in the grand scheme of things it seems short. But think back to last April. Guarantee you can’t remember a thing about it, and that was only 8 months ago. To keep a commitment up for an entire year is a tough thing, so you better be cut out for it. People hitting the gym in the new year will slowly fade out by February. By October, that gym will be desolate. If you really think you can commit to a resolution for an entire year, might as well make it a lifetime. Saddle up!

Getting healthy is already a thing

Getting HealthyThe one tired act of New Year’s resolutions you see every year is people trying to get healthy. Sincerely, applaud those who really do try, but also realize that getting healthy isn’t anything new anymore. With the Instagram craze, fitness has been huge for quite a few years now. Where were you? Stuffing your face with Ben and Jerry’s while making fun of the people on your news feed hitting the gym? Well look at you now, 35 lbs overweight and sweating while trying to put on your coat. If you are going to make getting healthy your resolution, make it for life, not for a year.

You should be bettering yourself continuously

This last reason comes full circle with everything else. Why are you waiting for a new year to better yourself? As a person contributing to society, better yourself all year, every year. The people that are waiting for the new year to make a change, are typically the people that fall off after a couple months. Try taking each month, and make a monthly resolution. That way you will constantly become a better person and next thing you know, 2016 is here and you have bettered yourself in 12 more ways! In all seriousness though, New Year’s resolutions can be great if you truly plan to make a change, just stick with it.