Labor Day Weekend is a week and a half away, and that typically marks the end of the summer in many places. If you’re going to end the best season the right way, you might as well end it with a bang and travel somewhere to explore and party all weekend. Labor Day is a time when a lot of people don’t fly, so you can snag an affordable trip to a spot you have never been, and have a wild 3 days. Here are 5 of the most fun Labor Day destinations that won’t snap your bank account in half:


ArubaNow this may not seem affordable, and the flight itself may not be the cheapest, but you can actually find very reasonable accommodations in this Caribbean paradise. You can stay in a gorgeous resort for as low as $150, and you get pampered all weekend. Now this typically isn’t a huge party destination, but don’t be fooled. There is plenty of drinking to be done on these beaches, while you relax and soak up the sun for one of the last times of the year.


Toronto NightlifeYou can snag a pretty cheap flight to this metropolis, and many people don’t realize just how big Toronto is, with so much to do. An often overlooked weekend retreat, Toronto costs cheaper to do fun stuff compared with other big cities. Plus, you’ll have the chance to check out underground shopping malls, hit the top of the CN Tower, stuff your face with world class food, and smash beers in the Distillery District. There really is something to do for everyone here, and not many people think of it as a place to check out so you don’t have to fight as many crowds.


Another beach paradise, Cancun down in Mexico is already known as a popular travel destination. What many people don’t think of though, is that Labor Day weekend can be a cheap one to head to Cancun, because most colleges are just starting back up, so not too many people are taking the time off right away to head on vacation. This is your time to party your brains out for extremely cheap on a sun soaked beach. Plus, then you can head back to campus after a 3-day bender, just a bit tanner than everyone else.


Cozumel BeachAll-inclusive resorts are the rage in Cozumel, and from August through December, many of them are offering ridiculously low rates so get in while you can. You can stay at an unbeatable all-inclusive resort for as low as $130 a night. This is the perfect opportunity to drink and eat as much as you want all weekend, and you really won’t beat these prices. Toss in the crashing waves and hot sun, and you have a recipe for a cheap, unreal 3-day weekend.

Dominican Republic

Another destination where rates are unbelievably cheap, places all over the Dominican are offering low prices. The nightly hotel rates are 30% lower this weekend than the rest of the year, so all of the more reason for you to head to tropical wonderland such as Punta Cana. Often known as a party destination, you can find plenty of relaxation here as well in the many spas, and quieter beaches. Hit some amenities such as windsurfing or kayaking, and you have different options all day long. Oh, the frozen booze filled drinks while hanging on the beach don’t hurt either!