With first semester in full swing, you have probably been busy between skipping class, raging on weeknights, tailgating the football games hard, and hooking up every weekend. This leaves little time to think about Spring Break. Yes, it is still quite a few months away, but if you don’t start planning for it now, next thing you know it is going to be here and you will have no destination, and no money that you have saved to hop on a last minute trip with your friends. College is all about spontaneity, but this is one of the few times we demand you actually plan ahead in order to not be left in the dust, staring at Facebook pictures all week of your classmates raging on a beach. Here’s four reasons it’s smart to book Spring Break today.

Spring Break 2

Get it overwith

It can be a bit of a hassle to get Spring Break plans together. Between picking a destination, saving money, finding flights, convincing friends, and making sure you don’t get ripped off, Spring Break is overwhelming to plan for some. Now imagine trying to do this as finals loom closer at the end of semester. Literally the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling. It is great to have peace of mind and know your week of binging in the sun is already set, and maybe the best part is the payment is overwith, or at least half overwith.


Spring Break 2

Typically the earlier you book Spring Break, the cheaper it is going to be. A lot of places offer early bird incentive deals, as well as flights tend to be cheaper the earlier you book them. If you’re doing a package deal, this will absolutely work in your favor. This way, saving money can allow you to spend it on more booze once you actually get to Spring Break. Pad your wallet and book your Spring Break today.

Gives your friends urgency

We all have those friends that will sit back and do literally nothing when it comes to planning everything. They want to just be told what to do and when to do it. Who knows, maybe you are that friend. Either way, if you book your Spring Break with a friend or two before the rest of your group, it will create urgency among the friends to get their act together and book as well. Most companies allow people and rooms to be added to your reservation at a later date, they just want some kind of initial deposit that usually involves just one or two of you booking your trip. Of course don’t tell the lazy friends this. Just book yours and tell them they need to get the money in by a certain date to make them go through with it. They will thank you when you are all crushing beers at 11am on a beach.

Spring Break 2

Start prepping

Once you book your Spring Break trip, the preparation can begin. You can act like you will get ready for Spring Break before you book it, but once you actually click, “Submit Payment”, it becomes official, and the prep is necessary. We of course are talking about getting in shape, physically and mentally. You want to look good on the beach, so hitting the gym is a must, and you need to start months in advance. If you wait until 3 weeks before, people will not be impressed. Also, you need to mentally gear up for slamming booze 24/7 for an entire week. There is no way this can be done a week before. Add in prepping your liver by amping up your drinking weekly, and preparing your bank account for the destruction of dumb purchases in a foreign land, and there is never a time too early to prepare for Spring Break.