White Elephant

If you’re not familiar with a white elephant party, than you haven’t been to a holiday party. Probably the original holiday party idea, getting in the true spirit with gifts.  A word of advice from us, don’t skimp out on the gift. Sure, everyone picks a number  to determine the order of picking random presents, so nobody would technically know who bought what, but don’t be that person that gives a can opener when everyone else is giving iPhones. It will be talked about, and not in a good way. The key to this party is to bring a gift that anyone there can love, like booze. These parties are also great because nobody goes home empty handed, even if their gift technically sucks. Make sure you stock plenty of booze for this event.

Ugly Sweater Party

Holiday PartyUgly sweater parties are a classic holiday party idea. Everyone shows up in their ugliest holiday themed attire, and gets a great laugh out of it. People are trying to one up each other, and it’s safe to say there are plenty of social media posts to be had on this night. The best part of this entire party is probably the scramble at the local thrift store trying to find something to wear. It’s always sad yet hilarious when you scream out across the aisle in the store to your friend, “Look at this one, can you believe someone actually wore this seriously?!”, only to have the person standing next to you looking at the same item as an actual article of clothing they are shopping for. Hilarity ensues, so make sure you get creative when checking out what to wear.

Reindeer and Cold Beer

This is strictly a name for a party just because it flows together. Nobody has to dress like a reindeer, although it can be pretty cute/sexy to see the ladies attempt. Basically, if the girls dress up, and the guys supply the beer, you are going to have a great time. Typically a party like this turns into a bit of an ugly sweater party, so don’t be surprised if you see quite a few of them. People love witty named theme parties, so this is right up their route.

Naughty or Nice

Holiday PartyNow if this party seems pretty self-explanatory, it’s because it is. People can choose to dress up as naughty or nice. Now we are all smart people here, and yes this party is specifically catered to the females. Sure, you’ll have your jokester guy wearing some feminine Christmas dress, but we all know this is about the broads. Specifically, the naughty broads. We are going to be honest here, and say that every female that attends your party should be qualifying for the naughty list. In fact, we aren’t even sure how someone would dress up as nice, unless it is a “Nice to see me naked” outfit. Basically, we are saying that if a female is trying to get into your party, and she’s not naughty, she shouldn’t be let in. We all know those naughty girls get a little crazy with some rum in their eggnog!