When is Spring Break 2012?
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Depending on which school you attend, your Spring Break 2012 will land on a particular week – somewhere between February and April. But why is it that all students aren’t able to enjoy Spring Break the same week? Imagine uniting all students from all schools at the same time for a berserk Spring Break Party! Think about it… release every wild party animal at once, drown them in bottles of booze and hardcore partying all hours of the day and night for seven days straight! Just imagine… it would get insane! But then, yeah… actually, maybe that’s why they don’t do that.

So, when is Spring Break 2012? We at The Official Guide to Spring Break have gathered up the Spring Break dates and listed them below. If somehow we did not include your school on our Spring Break roster, contact us and we will add you to our list.

If we missed your school, drop a comment below and we will add it.