Negril Spring Break Ricks CafeSo you want to head out of the U.S. for Spring Break to somewhere tropical. Where better to head than to the home of Bob Marley, down in Jamaica? That’s right, Negril, Jamaica is one of the hottest spots to head for Spring Break year after year, and it is not that hard to see why. Between beautiful beaches, beautiful weather, and beautiful people, you have to head here at least once.

Great Hotels

With hotels that cater to every Spring Breaker’s need, there is something for everyone. If you want to party until your face melts off, you can join plenty of other Spring Breakers with the same mindset. If you want your hotel to be a place that you can get some shut-eye in between brews, than you’re in luck.

Plenty of Boozing

Although Negril only has one true nightclub, it is open until 6am so you literally never have to stop partying. That doesn’t mean there aren’t places to get down with the booze, because there are plenty of open-air bars, and pool bars everywhere. If you want a huge day party, head to Rick’s Cafe, where everyone gets hammered, and jumps off the cliffs into the perfectly clear ocean.

Negril Spring Break GirlsSomething For Everyone

If you feel you need a few hours away from the craziness that is Spring Break in Negril, no worries. You can hike waterfalls, go scuba diving, go river rafter and even hit up the glass bottomed booze cruises. There literally is something for every type of Spring Breaker in Negril. It may not get as packed or rowdy as some locations, but you won’t regret coming here.