Nassau Spring BreakAhh the Bahamas! Talk about paradise. That is exactly what you get when you head to Nassau, Bahamas for Spring Break. If you want relaxation, they have it. Don’t be fooled though, Nassau is also home to some of the wildest Spring Break times you can imagine, and a few elements add up to that.


Nassau is such a luxurious Spring Break destination, and you know who enjoys luxury? Celebrities. Be prepared to run into celebrities partying alongside you, not to mention plenty of big names head there to perform every Spring. Not much is better than being able to go home after Spring Break and say you played roulette next to someone you saw on MTV the week before?


Nassau Spring Break HotelsNassau may have some of the nicest hotels of any Spring Break spot you can head to. I mean, when Atlantis is in the Bahamas, you know you are in heaven. The other hotels aren’t too shabby either. Expect some of the most beautiful beaches you can see among Spring Break spots, with huge pools, and the ever so needed casinos! During Spring Break, most of the hotels are near 100% student occupancy, so you know everyone is there for the same reasons.

Island Life

Let’s face it, you go to Nassau to live the island life. That includes a frozen drink on a white sandy beach, people catering to your every wish, and the option to throttle a jet ski if you wish. Nassau has all of that. If you want pool bars everywhere, water sports to choose from, and island weather that can’t be beat anywhere else, then your going to want to head to Nassau.