Close your eyes and imagine a Spring Break in Las Vegas. Even if you haven’t been, just base it on the movies and TV shows you’ve seen of Vegas and you can create a pretty accurate picture.  Its crazy to imagine all that awaits you. Try not to get too excited, but everything you’ve imagined is possible in Vegas!

Top 5 Things to Do:

  1. The Las Vegas Strip
  2. Gambling
  3. Nightclubs
  4. Fremont Street Experience-Downtown
  5. Dayclubs (pools)

Top 5 Hotels

  1. Palms
  2. Cosmopolitan
  3. Wynn
  4. Hard Rock Hotel
  5. Palazzo

The Fabulous Las Vegas is the city of entertainment  with an endless supply of hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, dayclubs, pools, shows and concerts. During certain times of the year though, such as Spring Break, Vegas gets even more exciting. With the clubs open all night, breakfast, lunch and dinner available around the clock and no last call for alcohol, the partying is 24/7.

While in Vegas you will most likely encounter solicitors handing out flyers along The Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard). What are they? Well, they provide ‘escorts’. Although prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas an escort service is supposedly only providing that…an escort. As the theory goes, since one is paying for only the escort, whatever happens naturally between two adults after that is another matter. Interestingly though one of the few places in the United States that  prostitution is legal is in the small city of Pahrump, NV about an hour drive outside of Las Vegas. Use caution, not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas:)

Other solicitors (usually in suits) work for strip clubs located just off the Strip. If you run into them you may wonder, why are they being so friendly? What’s the catch? Well, like almost everyone working in Vegas, they’ll graciously accept tips. So you’ll hear things like, “we provide a free limo ride to the club and/or a free entry fee. No need to be suspicious, this is to help increase traffic to these clubs. In Vegas free can translate to ‘tips accepted’. Often, guys like this have a wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of Las Vegas. Go ahead and give ’em a tip but ask your questions first and get your money’s worth by asking everything you want to know – so, be friendly, ask questions, tip the people that deserve it, and make things happen. It’s Vegas, Baby!

Vegas’s big thing in summer are the pools and Beach Clubs like Nikki Beach at the Tropicana casino or Marquee Dayclub at Cosmopolitan. Always overflowing with party people, dayclubs are the latest evolution in Las Vegas entertainment featuring world renowned DJ’s spinning hit music, and after the sun sets there’s no need for the party to stop, it’s off to the nightclubs. But remember the clubs want to be packed with as many sexy women as possible, if you are that, you may not even have to wait on line to get in. But if you’re a guy with a group of other guys, it may be hard to get it right in. Club hosts, security and bouncers are instructed not to let a bunch of guys into the club unless there’s a “fair ratio” of women to men already in the club – usually 2 women to 1 man. So, this is a perfect reason to talk to girls and invite them to a club. The women save time by not having to wait in line, the fellas can gain entry to the club and of course, you’ve met some hot girls. Indirectly – a perfect plan.

After-hours clubs like the Artisan or Drai’s at Bill’s casino are rolling until 8 am. Walking into one these of clubs, you are bombarded with people just desperately needing to share the peace, love, unity and respect. If you are still hyped up in the late night hours, stop by and check out these local favorites.

If you are ready to eat, casino cafes are usually there for you 24 hours a day. The Silverton casino, home of one of the most famous free LV attractions – a stunning 117,000 gallon aquarium – also serves 99 cent meals after 11:00 pm. Other Casinos also offer their own similar food specials and unique attractions as well.

Some say nothing is impossible and in Sin City, nothing is. Beautiful people, an infinite number of bars, clubs and great restaurants, the parties, like the flow alcohol, never stop in the Entertainment Capital of the world.