Why Aspen for Spring Break?

When it comes to Spring Break, many people are looking to head to the beach. Those who do not consider spectacular spots like Aspen, Colorado, however, may be missing out. The city offers stunning scenery, fantastic skiing in season, and an exciting nightlife that can be appreciated by all. The area has a reputation of being a retreat for celebrities while also being a home for those who live a more counter cultural lifestyle. This has led to a fun local culture that offers a variety of things to see and do. Although skiing and Colorado might not be the first thought people have when they think about Spring Break, it can actually be an excellent choice with enough activities and exciting things to do to please anyone.

What to do during the day

Aspen Spring BreakWhen people think of Aspen, Colorado, their first thought is skiing. The ski season in Aspen often stretches in April, so depending on when Spring Break falls, it can be a great option to consider. The slopes in the area are famous, so both beginners and more advanced skiers should have a fantastic time. Those who want to appreciate the beauty of Colorado without dealing with snow on their Spring Break can also check out the wide variety of fun landmarks and attractions the area houses. Independence Pass, the Rio Grande Trail, and the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail are just three of the popular places to go explore, and the beauty will astound even the harshest skeptic. There is also a ghost town, conservancy and a variety of other places to explore during the day. The ranches that many people stay in also often offer activities for guests.

Aspen Spring Break Nightlife

Those ready to head out for a night on the town have a variety of options to choose from. During Spring Break the bars get packed with people looking to drink off the day’s hard work, and you are bound to meet a snow bunny from across the country that is looking to blow off some late night steam. There are a number of clubs, bars, and taverns that supply a variety of types of music. Whether party goes appreciate blues, modern music, or even an Irish pub, there is something for every style and taste. After spending a day out on the slopes, nothing can beat catching up at the ski lodge bar with your friends, talking about how many times you wiped out on the slopes.