Another hot Spring Break destination that has become popular is the warm beaches of Acapulco, Mexico. With so many different options to choose from for Spring Break just in Mexico alone, you may find it hard to decide which is the right one for you. Let’s just put it this way, you will not regret not even for a half of a second that you chose Acapulco, and here’s why:

Top 10 Hotels

Crowne_Plaza_Hotel_in_Acapulco,_MexicoThese hotels are not just your everyday Spring Break hotel. No, no, no, these hotels go above and beyond. Most of them are much nicer than the typical Spring Break hotel, and offer 24/7 food and beverage services, bottled water, and most are close to all of the action. You will party like royalty, and the customer service is fantastic.

  1. Emporio
  2. Hotel Copacabana
  3. Boca Chica
  4. Fairmont Pierre Marques
  5. Hotel Mirador
  6. Camino Real
  7. Quinta Real
  8. The Grand Mayan
  9. Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués
  10. Sands Acapulco Hotel & Bungalows

The Nightlife

The nightlife on Spring Break is going to be great anywhere you go, but Acapulco takes it to another level. With the clubs not even getting busy until after 11PM, and keeping the party going until halfway through the next day, you better bring a trained liver and strong legs for dancing. Generally the clubs are all-you-can-drink style, and you better dress to impress the others if you want to get in.

Day Activities

indexBetween the excursions you can do that include snorkeling, scuba diving, or the relentless booze cruise, you will certainly stay busy all day. If hanging around the town and pounding drinks is more your style, no worries. Acapulco is known for the huge day parties with some of the top artists in the game there to perform for you. Throw in some bikini contests, and heavy beach dancing, and you’ll be ripe for the evening events.