Most people know the traveling basics, what to do and what not to. There is always some extra advice that can make your trip memorable and learning it can take your travels to another level. Here are five travel tips you may not have thought about:

1. Go left

Go leftEver notice how people tend to go to the right while checking out exhibits, amusement parks, grocery stores, and parking lots, etc? If you can take a left, do it. It is kind of like cutting the line in a way. Don’t keep it to only moving in a different direction. Traveling in the off-season when others don’t think of it, taking the stairs, or seeing sites at the unpopular hours of the day allow you to experience your travels without the hassle of other tourists. You may find cheaper prices, less crowds, and more adventure.

2.  Dress accordingly

Being comfortable and versatile are important features of travel clothing. You might think specialty outdoor clothing is over-hyped. It’s not. There is nothing worse than being under-dressed if it is freezing out. Nobody needs frostbite to ruin their trip. Invest in some good clothes if you are traveling somewhere exotic. Don’t be that guy that has to cut an adventure short because walking shoes weren’t incorporated.

3.  Take flip-flops

Travel flip flopsFlip-flops are not something that is exactly going to get the ladies running to you, but they are functional. They’re about avoiding the gross unknowns in showers, pools, hotel floors and dirty streets. There are some pretty gross things lurking around these places you are traveling to, especially if they don’t have the word “Ritz” in the name. Protect your feet from the travel scum. Invest in a comfy pair, and you can wear them out walking as well. Dual threats are great when traveling. Slip them into your backpack and so they are always handy, especially if the scene gets wet with rain. You don’t want to waste your good shoes!

4. Plan it out, but expect the unexpected

traveling tipsThings are going to come up when you travel, sometimes that you were hoping didn’t happen. Rarely does a vacation complete itself without at least one thing not going according to plan. Making sure to have a plan B is important. Different routes, alternate means of transportation and backup places to stay can do wonders. What if you showed up and your hotel that you planned on staying in was closed for some reason? Maybe you want to check out something that a local told you about, but it wasn’t part of your plan, having options helps! It’s great to have a plan, but know that more likely than not, parts of it will get messed with. Whether it is unexpected weather, accidents, or closures, have backup plans. Also, embrace it, because that is part of what makes traveling so real, and fun!

5. Research, research, research

Using review sites to get an overview of a destination is great, but don’t rely heavily on them for the reviews. Look for responses from the hotel staff themselves, whether it is on the review sites, or on their social media. This can tell a lot about how much the management cares about how the public views them. Check out different forums and websites to see what is being said. Check the forecast, and if the trip is far in the future, check out the past weather patterns on the days you will be traveling. Know what you are getting yourself into!