Everyone knows that summer is music festival season, and it seems like every year gets bigger, and outdoes the previous summer. This year has been no joke so far, with each festival raging, and seemingly unbelievably fun chaos at each one. Although summer is halfway over, and some of the biggest festivals have come and gone, there are still a few big ones left to look forward to. Coachella, Ultra, EDC, and Stagecoach may have to wait until next year to re-live all of their glory, but these four are massive festivals you need to make it to.

Lollapalooza Chicago-July 28-31

Chicago is a hugely fun city as it is, and although the summer in the city can get a bit humid and packed, this festival is one you can’t miss. Bringing in some of the biggest names every year, 2016 is no different. The windy city makes sure to throw a heck of a bash that will keep you raging the entire time, and the nightlife doesn’t disappoint either. This may not be a city on the ocean, but there is plenty of water around to cool off, not to mention the staple of super soakers being sprayed into the crowd every year during the performances.

Outside Lands-San Francisco-August 5-7

Music FestivalsCoachella gets a ton of press as the big festival to hit every year in California, but make no mistake, Outside Lands can throw down with the best of them. Heading to the northern part of the state for a Bay area bash, Outside Lands is a similar vibe to Coachella, but with cooler weather because it is more north. Also, it can be a bit more spread out which is always nice for when you’re obliterated and don’t want to feel like sardines jumping to the beat of the music. Also, since it is the smaller of the two festivals, it hasn’t grown so massive to the point where there are too many try-hards like at Coachella. Just genuine people there for awesome music and a hell of a party.

Burning Man-Nevada Desert-August 28-September 5

Burning Man is one of those festivals that you hear myths about, may read stories about, and have always wondered about. You can conjure up an image in your head of what you think Burning Man entails, but unless you actually attend Burning Man, you can’t even comprehend it. Unlike any other festival out there, Burning Man isn’t for the weak, and you better be ready to try some partying you have never done, and to really get in tune with nature. You’re in the middle of the desert for a week with a bunch of other people, so you can only imagine that some crazy things go on.

Electric Zoo-New York- September 2-4

Music FestivalsNew York is great any time of year, so toss in a music festival, and you’re golden. Now, this isn’t in the middle of the city, but rather on an island, which makes the entire experience that much more of a blast. It’s comprised of typically mostly EDM artists, so toss on your neon colors and get ready to rage hard. It may not be as big as EDC in Las Vegas, but Electric Zoo throws down with the best of them. Also, it’s a great way to start winding down the summer, and look at it as one last blowout bash. Make sure to still stay hydrated, because although it is September, it is known to still be hot out there. Add in partying, and you’re going to need to be chugging some quality H2O.


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